My original training is as an experimental condensed matter physicist, using Fourier Transform spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy to investigate both electronic and structural properties of materials. Recently, however, I have become interested in Physics Education Research. Some projects or ideas that we are working on are:

Body Engagement with Mathematical Ideas in Upper Division Physics

    We are developing instructional materials that lead students to represent mathematical ideas either graphically or spatially, rather than algebrically. In addition, we are developing body engagement activities that will assist the student in accessing mathematical ideas used in physics.

Development of Physics Identity

    We are investigating the mechanisms by which students develop an identity as a physicist, using the idea of Communities of Practice.

Improving attitudes about physics in physics courses.

    What types of things contribute to students have a more expert-like attitude as a result of being enrolled in a physics course. Does their attitude change over time? If so, does it get more expert-like or more novice-like?